Why Us

The Learners Cube was founded with a straightforward mission:

To provide users support throughout the digital implementation journey.

We specialize in End User Training, Training Design & Development, Multimodal Training Deliveries, Training Audits & Training Support.

Our Perspective

Change isn’t easy.

The global pandemic has disrupted the way we work and our consumption of products and services. Business leaders are forced to ramp up their digital transformation strategies and cultivate resilient business practices for the future. At the heart of these changes is the user: the consumer of your ideas, the heart of your digital implementation, and the driver of successful business performance.

Despite this ramp-up,​

A McKinsey report uncovered that a staggering 59% of companies are considered digitally immature, encountering roadblocks that prevent a quick pivot. This immaturity results from leaders not being able to communicate transformations clearly or coherently across their user base.

62% of employees shared that a lack of communication, adaptive training, and support created high levels of anxiety about change. Fear about harnessing digital technology significantly reduces positive business change and return on investment.

Our Perspective

Failure to communicate and fuse with adaptive training is failure to thrive.

As user adoption training experts, we at The Learners Cube have worked with business leaders, developers, product owners, business analysts, and implementation teams across a spectrum of products and services. Our objective is to train end users on new workflow processes in a clear, concise, and systematic way. Although our ‘new normal’ seems to thrive on disruption and uncertain workflows, we believe that there is a better way to adapt. Focus on level transformation strategies and adopt a holistic approach to communication that properly trains your users.

Without proper communication, users are given antiquated training solutions that keep businesses from sharpening their full competitive edge. Reducing hesitancy to engage in new training protocols brings us closer to a culture that is not only proactive but reactive to emerging shifts and learning paradigms.

Time is money, and if business goals are not met, neither is your ROI. Disconnection with the digital implementation and lack of “new normal” user adoption training leads to reduced adaptability, inflexibility, and workflow resiliency.

Your business and users deserve adaptability.

The Difference

Nurturing and Educating Users with Complementary Skills Increases Competency

Incubating Positive User Adoption

Our difference is rooted in user experience.

We incubate positive change throughout the digital implementation process, driving user adoption forward by reducing workflow disruptions. The complementary skills of our training coaches, moreover as partnerships with developers, product and capability owners, business analysts, and implementation specialists, provide key support throughout the planning process. 

We specialize in:

  • User Journey Analysis
  • User Story Development
  • Usability Testing
  • Requirements Gathering & Documentation
  • Walkthrough and Workflow Demos

Sustainably Increasing Your ROI

Drive optimal end user performance to build & demonstrate organizational resilience.

By journeying with users through the complexities of recent tasks and processes, we facilitate your digital competence sooner instead of later. Working with us increases your competitive advantage, and ties your users into the implementation planning process. We offer guidance and demanding feedback to business leaders, development teams, business analysts, and project owners by achieving current and future requirements:

  • Evaluate recommendations to improve work processes
  • Educate and communicate with users on process change
  • Create data governance documents for operational procedures

Curious about the difference we can make in your digital transition?

Value to Businesses

Committed to user experiences, connections, and transformations

Businesses undergoing digital transformation need training strategies that are flexible, holistic, and integrated. Irrespective of how your business is selecting to upgrade or implement, the core capabilities of your process evolutions should be committed to executive-level buy-in and user experiences.

Value to Businesses

What we bring to the table

At The Learners Cube, we understand that streamlined, defined, and measurable programs are needed to extend both productivity and value. We aren’t just a user adoption training company — we are the “middleman” between leadership, stakeholders, development, implementation, deployment, and adoption.

As your intermediary to alter for the new normal, we enable users to drive business continuity in many ways.

Executive communications drive the ‘why’ factor for the implementation

User training brings teams quickly on board with change

Evaluating users and their talents develop actionable training

Meaningful education prepares users to flourish in their new roles, tasks, and processes

Value to Users

Helping users reap the advantages of digital investment

Digital transformation brings about change. Change brings about anxiety, fear, and even panic on the part of users. When a replacement process is launched, users must rebuild their digital footprints to master new tasks, processes, and procedures. No two users are alike, and no two implementations will ever be identical. Each user is different, requiring different levels of coaching and instruction.

Value to Users

Building confidence across users

Training across many industry verticals, our team builds trust by investing in you and your ultimate success. We dive into the unknown alongside you, getting to know who you are, what you are doing, and also the way you’re feeling about changes to your business model. To rebuild your digital competence, we boost your self-confidence and prepare you for self-fulfillment with new tasks and processes.

Our goal is to easily translate what your workflow was, what it is, and where it’ll get within the long run. Our representation within the design process goes beyond a ‘faceless’ consultant to an actionable, tangible part of your adoption training from beginning to end.

Value to Users

Training when, where and the way you wish it

Our training adapts to unique learning styles that are tailored to each user. Gaining experience with performance expectations helps us pivot towards skills which will be at danger. We outline comprehensive and knowledgeable training with a combination of psychology, design-thinking, and instructional design principles to form engaging and high-impact training solutions. The scalability of our training programs meets many diverse needs with a bunch of flexible content.

  • eLearning, hybrid instructor-led, and blended learning
  • Practical, virtual hands-on training experiences
  • As-needed, in-person training for traditional learning
  • Repurposing of ideas and resources to deliver effective training
  • User adoption coaches shift procedure in response to change

Pivot your users, Increase your ROI