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Is the software being blamed for decreased productivity and user error?

With the modernization of technology, we assume that users are naturally tech-savvy and can quickly adapt to new software. After all, we do this when we upgrade our mobile phones. Often we overlook the time it takes for the different users to become acquainted with new apps; simple tasks like using the camera, increasing the volume, or putting the phone on or off silent mode are just a few that can have various learning curves. Depending on our adaptation levels, we can become frustrated, and most commonly, we say, this doesn’t workit’s a waste of money. As we have worked closely with the project manager and the development team, these words are common; users typically blame the software when they do not quickly adapt to the implementation.

Why we are the best fit to bridge the various levels in user adaptation?

We are your boots on the ground from conception to rollout or at different milestones in development. With this intimate project knowledge, we know the user expectations, their frustrations and fears, and what’s in it for them with the product implementation. We are your support to advocate for training before the software system goes live, allowing users to see the system’s full potential and how a change in processes can bring value to both the user and the company.

Incorporating user training at the decision-making level mitigates any resistance to new changes and processes. It builds a relationship with your employee base, causing employees to trust the decision-making, know that their concerns are at the top of your list, and care for their success in the workplace.

Consider these top 5 reasons to increase user adaptation and attain higher efficiency with the software system.

1User empowerment and increased productivity.

2Streamlined workflows.

3Clear communication channels.

4Customization and personalization.

5Continuous learning and improvement.

When we train, you gain confidence in using the product.

Training across many industry verticals, our trainers build trust by investing in you and your ultimate success. We dive into the unknown alongside you, getting to know who you are, what you do, your perception of the changes in task processing, and, most of all, your value to the organization. To increase your confidence level, we translate the “why,” what it was, what it is now, and why your contribution to change matters.

Here are the methods we use to deliver new learning to your users.

With the rapid pace of technology, training environments are changing. Instructor-led training saw a downturn with the pandemic, and we saw an emergence in virtual training deliveries. With these newer training methods, we urge our clients to consider their users’ various learning and adaptation styles. Three learning types to consider when delivering new knowledge are:

  • Visual: Learning is achieved by seeing or watching.
  • Auditory: Learning is achieved by listening and absorbing information.
  • Kinesthetic: Learning is achieved through action and or by doing.
We continually evaluate user performance to provide opportunities.

Our training delivery methods.

Our training methods target all three learning styles, but we also determine what will work best for your learners and tailor our training development and delivery to them. 

The following is a list of our training delivery modals.

  • Instructor-led training (ILT) and virtual instructor-led training (VILT)  – your user base may require us to travel to conduct this type of training, and we can travel within the 48 contiguous states (CONUS). For OCONUS travel, please get in touch with us concerning this request.
  • Blended learning – depending on the knowledge to acquire, we may propose a combination of in-person learning with online learning.
  • Virtual labs | Interactive hands-on training  – delivered fully in a virtual format. Sometimes, you will learn in a virtual lab or a simulated training environment for active learning scenarios.

How else we help with your training needs.

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