User Reserach

We are your boots on the ground!

We work with product managers and software developers to integrate the human-centered design approach in the development and implementation phases. To bring the user’s voice to the process, we conduct custom qualitative and quantitative research focusing on user behavior.

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How our research benefitted product owners and their teams.

At the requirements gathering and analysis phase, we will collaborate with you, the product owner, and the business analyst to create the personas of your users, a critical step in the software development life cycle process. We focus on the users, their needs, concerns, and expectations, letting them know their voices are heard and incorporated into the application’s design and development.

User Journey Mapping

Step -by step with the users, we define the journey to complete a task, allowing us to discover any pain points or problems and provide the opportunity to improve the user’s journey. We will validate with your users that the existing or new functionality is perceived as intended.

User Story Development

As we are already boots on the ground with your users to create their personas and journey maps, furthering our research to define the who, what, and why for the product features is a natural fit for us. We will work with you, the product owner, and the development team to identify the user’s role in task processing, the functions required to perform the task, what happens after the job is processed, and what the acceptance criteria look like for the development team.

Our research methods.

Online surveys – one of our top picks to anonymously collect and analyze data from multiple sample sizes. This flexible and qualitative method provides insights into the user’s overall experience, including their perceptions and behavior toward the product.

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