Training Solutions

Training Consulting

Evaluating Learners, Delivering Results

Training Design & Development

Designing Unified & Compelling Learning Experiences

Training Design

Training solutions must spark action wherever implemented. 

Results should be tailored to satisfy unique business metrics and encapsulate goals, branding, and deliverables. Course designs should be crafted for individual learning, leading to developmental strategies that optimize performance, passions, skills, interests, and business resilience.

By fusing empathetic relationships with skill-building acumen, we empower employees with soft skill training development.

Employees become more comfortable with organizational philosophy, performing better with tools, assets and software which enable course design experts to deploy actionable learning experiences. We design and develop  leadership training, literacy workshops, and other programs designed for all learning types, including in-person, online, and hybrid formats. Team design expertise goes beyond development to management and maintenance.

    • Course Creation & Content Development
    • Rapid eLearning Development
    • Online Courses & Modules
    • Interactive Courseware Development 
    • Training Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS)
    • Relational Mentoring & Training

Multimodal Training Delivery

Blended Learning For A New Normal

In the New Normal, business leaders must concentrate on the simplest learning delivery models.

At the same time, learners should have the autonomy to vouch for skilled trainers readily adapted to any or all learning styles. Diverse course design experts are best equipped for training delivery in today’s digital infrastructure: perfect for face-to-face, hybrid, and modular distance learning.

● Blended/Hybrid Online Training
● Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
● Classroom Instructor-Led Training (ILT)
● Virtual & Classroom Train-The-Trainer Workshops

Training instructors, mentors, and coaches are prepared to share audience-friendly materials through any modality, garnished with live training and absorbing engagement tools.

Training Audit

Preserve Your Competitive Edge

Your courses, training modules and learning curricula should be focused on effective teaching. Without routine audits, your solutions may become outdated, cumbersome, and directionless.

Training Audit

By hiring us, you gain access to teaching coaches with decades of industry experience.

Mentors evaluate both on-site and virtual classrooms for instructor effectiveness, knowledge, professionalism, and social interaction. We observe training executions as they happen, offering qualified points for improving training objectives.

    • Match Training Programs To Goals
    • Retrofit Deliveries To Industry Regulations
    • Eliminate Competency Gaps In Curricula
    • Discover Learner Types & Preferences 
    • Quickly Boost Learning Rates

Training Support

Adapting To The Learning Curve

To maintain your competitive edge, it’s important to nurture users for career growth, flexibility, and resiliency.

From micro-learning alternatives to bleeding edge nano-training, learning support should be simple, sweet, and executed for real-world results. Reference and refresher tools must be provided at the time of need, boosting ROI without draining resources.

We provide post-training support for onboarding mentors, coaching, and refresher training for clients in need. Training coaches and mentors provide learning support by leveraging ongoing curricula and knowledge transfer in an exceedingly moment of need:

  • Refresher Training
  • Retainer-Based Support

Educational Technology

Learning Tools

Finding a Learning Management System (LMS) or evaluating eLearning Authoring tools that suit your learning needs and budget could be a challenge.

We partner with businesses large and small to supply vendor evaluation and procurement of learning tools for adaptable opportunities.

eLearning Authoring Tools

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Online Survey Tools

We would make the process easier for you.