Service Desk Assessment

The IT Help Desk agents saw an influx of calls during and after business hours from the legal staff on preparation of legal documents. Legal document preparation was not the expertise of desk agents which led to slow response time for on-going chronic issues. Lawyers and their legal support escalated their complaints, as document submission for legal proceedings were delayed, resulting in costly court penalties and overtime expenditure.


We conducted an analysis to determine not only the root cause but the relationship between the training team and help desk management. 

  • Data Analysis: Identified trends in call history, staffing levels, wait times and days to resolve an issue.
  • Skills Matrix: Interviewed legal staff, help desk agents and training team to determine knowledge gaps in the document creation process.
  • Usage Protocols: Reviewed Service Level Agreement (SLA) for compliance, determine response practices and help desks roles and responsibilities.
  • Software Vendor Evaluation: Reviewed the list of legal software used for insight into features, benefits and foster a training partnership.

As the effective use of legal software played an integral role in our resolve, we launched a new partnership training program. The agency’s legal software vendors partnered with the training team for the delivery of continuous learning sessions comprising of help desk agents and legal staff. SharePoint’s social networking tools; wikis, blogs, and newsfeed were used to promote and facilitate learning. 

In addition, we collaborated with management on the restructure of help desk policies and procedures. A work schedule included trainers being on-call and vendors as a go-between for complex issues.


  • A steadily decrease in call volumes by 60%.
  • Strengthen stakeholder and vendor relationships.
  • Reduced labor cost and court penalties.
  • Sustainability for cross-functional teams for cohesion, high productivity levels, and positive customer experiences.