Learning Management System (LMS) Automation

Our federal client conducted Leadership Development Programs aimed at preparing employees for leadership roles within various departments. Programs target four levels of audience, first level supervisors, middle managers, senior managers, and executive leadership. Courses announcements were internally distributed and schedules posted on the university’s website. Registration for courses was done through the Commission’s LMS. This limitless reach which offered substantial benefits also hurt the registration process, as employees were registering and attending courses beyond their job level and scope of authority.

What Was Done

We orchestrated and collaborated with the stakeholder on the automation of the student registration process.

A designed plan was drafted for the student registration process.

  • Job Role Mapping: We compiled a Position Hierarchy which defined employee job role to leadership development courses and restricted incorrect registration.
  • Validation Structure: We created an “Approval Required” field, that allowed managers/supervisors to register employees beyond their job scope in the Position Hierarchy.
  • Training & Development: Facilitated training on the registration process and developed training materials for the Help portal and training sessions.


  • Streamlined registration process.

In-house training development resulted in cost savings of $45,000