Knowledge Management Infrastructure

Our federal client integrated SharePoint as its information repository and content management platform to enhance the use of mission-critical training content by its employees. The training team experienced difficulty with the file upload process for training content such as software simulations, training videos, and webinars. In addition, instructional materials were not easily discoverable and searchable.

What Was Done

We conducted a usability evaluation and results revealed: 

  • Libraries critically exceeded the SharePoint 5000 item threshold and file size limit.
  • Information architecture was not intuitively designed.
  • No information management and governance plan.

We built wireframes for a responsive design of the knowledge base website and added custom themes for website branding. The redesign included a task-driven user interface for simpler navigation and consistent page layouts. Metadata and column indexing for document management and enterprise searches, shared list and libraries for content sharing across multiple intranet sites. We also added a document versioning process and access permissions at the administrator level. 

Prior to the migration of the newly designed site, an information management plan was implemented, and designated site administrators were trained in the content management process. A website video tour served as an introductory demonstration for effective use of the knowledge base platform.


  • Improved user experience and accessibility of mission-critical training content.
  • Reduced employee training and travel costs. Training materials and assessments were readily available to geographically dispersed employees. 
  • Fostered a continuous learning culture aimed at employee growth and increased organizational performance.
  • Compliance with SharePoint governance policies and standards.