Government Contracting

Government Subcontracting

We subcontract to prime contractors who serve the federal, state, and local markets to boost their digital portfolios for emerging technology.

Our subcontracting expertise lies in enterprise-wide applications and digital transformation projects. We’ve developed end user training for diverse clients and enforcement agencies, affording us the ability to supply our knowledge-sharing techniques, many of which have increased user adoption rates in agencies like CBP, DOJ, Border Patrol, USCIS, SEC, and others.

The Learners Cube partners with prime contractors who offer IT solutions:

Enterprise Systems and Systems Integration to design and deliver End User Training solutions.

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What our Clients Say About Us

Our company subcontracted The Learners Cube to provide user technology training to our small business clients that were a part of a county contract. The Learners Cube provided a variety of training ranging from Google digital marketing products such as Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, etc., Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Kajiba, etc., Social Media Schedulers such as Hootsuite, and Customer Relationship Managers such as HubSpot. The Learners Cube was a true value add as they provided tailored professional training and the feedback provided by our clients concerning their services was very very positive!

Directed Analytics

Helping government entities accelerate their ability to reach their goals.
The interactive courseware development with simulations was phenomenal. I know a number of ISDs familiar with how difficult these types of materials are to produce. These materials are very well done. Nice work! Users will be pleased and well-trained.

Department of Justice

Training Development
Our consultant provided an innovative solution that provided a much more effective learning method for officers in the field. The module created an autonomous supportive environment that empowered users with the knowledge and accountability to facilitate their jobs. Sherrie’s experience, oversight and efforts, and dedication to this project addressed the expressed training gap identified in the field. The result was a quick product delivery and immediate positive to offices nationwide.


Trusted Travelers Program (TTP)
Sherrie brought fresh ideas, knowledge, hard work, dedication, and superior customer support. She came up with an innovative training solution never used within our department. The product was delivered before the deadline with impacting cost savings. In a short time frame, she created 5 eLearning Modules, containing 13 Lessons, a 61-page Activity Workbook for use in conjunction with the eLearning modules, 1 Knowledge Pre-Assessment to test out of the modules, and revised our SharePoint infrastructure. She delivered a body of work that the team was in awe of, but most importantly our Corporate office was thoroughly pleased with and that far exceeded their expectations.


Passenger Systems Program Directorate
Our training team assigned our consultant to assist in developing and providing system training for an application module. The training provided by the consultant was very well received and was instrumental in the successful implementation of the newly developed process. She also parlayed her development into an interactive student guide, recommended that a Policy handbook be included within the multi-day training event, and fostered inter-agency collaboration for the training delivery.

Federal Training Evaluation

Development & Delivery
Sherrie, our training instructor was great and a role model. She was able to gauge when her students are engaged and when attention begins to slip. I have learned lots about the subject matter expertise, as well as how to be a great instructor. I definitely will use the information learned, but will also use her teaching techniques for future training courses that I am fortunate enough to be able to teach.

Federal Data Analytics

Our instructor was EXCELLENT. She provided humor with her training and was excellent with the subject matter. She has a great understanding of data analysis and explained clearly how to use the tool effectively.

Federal Data Analytics

Our instructor is a gem, she was amazing and fantastic. She is an EXCELLENT instructor who is extremely patient and a subject matter expert in her field. Wonderful instructions and overheard other students make the same positive comments throughout the training session. The instructor did a great job keeping the class interesting and did very well to keep students from getting frustrated.


Cargo Systems Program Directorate
This was a heavy lift, providing training on an extremely difficult concept for those who have never handled the processing or reviewed the policy for the subject matter. It was one of the best classes attended as the instructor was flat-out AMAZING, well-prepared, and knowledgeable. I appreciated knowing the “why” for the system development.


Cargo Systems Program Directorate