We partner with federal and state agencies, prime contractors, and small to medium-sized businesses that provide technological solutions to federal and state agencies, to bridge the skills gap between end-users and IT business solutions.

The pace of technology innovation is increasing rapidly in the government sector as they adopt more robust data analytics and cloud computing capabilities. These transformations continue to challenge leaders in finding solutions for workforce flexibility in adapting to changes in business processes. Many agencies have seen a migration of its skilled workforce and suffer frustration as performance and productivity decreases.

 Our team has the skills and experience to implement customized and flexible learning solutions that build knowledge progression at higher levels of performance. These solutions can be seen in many government and law enforcement agencies, including DHS, DOJ, SEC, and others.

For more information on our remote and onsite learning solutions, view our Capability Statement.

NAICS Codes Description
611420 (Primary) Computer Training
541519 Other Computer Related Services
541611 Administrative Management & General Management Consulting Services
541612 Human Resources Consulting Services
561110 Office Administrative Services
561410 Document Preparation Services
561499 All Other Business Support Services
611430 Professional Management Development Training
611710 Educational Support Services


PSC Codes Description
U001 Education/Training – Lectures
U004 Education/Training – Scientific/Management
U006 Education/Training – Vocational/Technical
U008 Education/Training – Training/Curriculum Development
U009 Education/Training – General
U012 Education/Training – Information Technology/ Telecommunications Training
U099 Education/Training – Other
R410 Support/Professional – Program Evaluation/Review/Development
R412 Support/Professional – Simulation
R499 Support/Professional – Other
R699 Support/Administrative – Other
R799 Support/Management – Other
DF01 IT & Telecom – IT Management Support Services
DE01 IT & Telecom – End User Support Services (Labor)
DE10 IT & Telecom – End User as a Service
DB02 IT & Telecom – Computer Support Services Non-HPC (Labor)
DA01 IT & Telecom – Business Application/Application Development Support Services (Labor)
6910 Training Aids