Attorney Training Program Assessment

The federal agency held on a weekly basis, internal training programs focused on Microsoft Office Products (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word) and Adobe products (Acrobat Pro DC, Adobe LiveCycle Designer). The classes saw a persistently low rate of attendance, which led to low productivity rates within the training team and legal departments.


An evaluation of the training program was conducted to:

Examine the agency’s objectives and educational needs.

✅Assess current skills and gaps

✅Establish a multi-faceted and customized training strategy to fit agency needs

✅Quantity desirable results and outcomes.

What Was Done:

Our training consultant coordinated and integrated with key leadership and attorneys to better understand the needs of the agency, and achieve business goals through the implementation of change management practices.

✔ Job Analysis Interviews: Unstructured interviews were held departmental managers to explore job roles, work performed and the use of the various application software in job duties.
✔ Instructor Evaluation: To recognize teaching performance and practices, improve teaching quality, identify professional development activities and impediments to training team productivity.
Course Evaluation: We evaluated training materials and courses to determine how we can foster deeper learning with students. Our evaluation framework looked at a variety of factors such as tasks within each topic, and its alignment to job functions.

The analysis revealed that the course naming conventions did not align nor market to the target audience. Most employees felt that the courses offered did not meet their learning objectives, daily tasks and level of learning.

Results: Training metrics showed a 95% increase in course attendance.

✔ Redesigned the curriculum and applied adaptive learning strategies.

✔ Collaborated with subject-matter experts to develop task-based learning activities.

✔ Implemented micro-learning sessions.

✔ Created course catalogs and delivery schedules to streamline registration.