Adaptive Learning Solution

In early 2019, the federal client recognized a need for additional training various airport locations utilizing a customized training solution. The original proposal was to develop a training video intended to supplement the onboarding webinar sessions presently received at location startup. This would provide the additional support needed and remain locally available to train the new officers in the unit or to serve as a refresher training at nationwide domestic ports. The client faced not only budgetary constraints but to find an innovative approach to create an engaging and collaborative environment between functional areas.


We consulted with business leaders to identify specific issues, budgetary constraints and the impact of what they were doing in other departments to craft a training solution that adapted to the needs of their end-users.

What Was Done:

✅ Adaptive Training: We developed an interactive courseware module with simulations to provide a hands-on training approach.

✅ Train-the-Trainer (T3) Model: We introduced the T3 Model as a cost-effective solution to mitigate the financial burden of travel to various domestic ports to deliver instructor-led training. We collaborated with subject-matter expertise to train on the delivery of interactive tutorials, evaluation of training materials, and the selection of other SMEs to deliver training at their respective ports.

✅ Autonomous Supportive Environment: Our interactive modules created an autonomous supportive environment that empowers end-users with the knowledge and accountability to facilitate specialized job tasks.

Our experienced oversight, efforts, and dedication to this project addressed the expressed training gap identified in the field. The result was a quick product delivery and immediate positive impact on nationwide offices.


✔ Training is available in each office location.
✔ Self-paced learning provided flexibility.
✔ Additional officers were trained to provide coverage, and increased the effectiveness of port operations.
✔ Significantly saved travel expenses exceeding $500K in place of an onsite visit to locations in need of training.