About Us


Through practical training, we love to see our users beam with passion, joy and fulfilment.

From concept to rollout or at any stage in the implementation of the software product, project managers can rely on us to build a better, more robust, and user-centric solution. We partner to conduct user research, user testing, and user training when you need additional talent beyond your team.

Our Mission

We aim to partner with project managers and software developers to Build Better Solutions to reduce user errors by increasing product knowledge, and user friendliness to build Strong User Expertise and create an Inclusive Learning Culture through training and user support™.

Our Vision

To work with our clients to reduce the 50% recruitment cost it takes to replace an employee who quits due to a lack of helping them to learn, providing onboarding opportunities to familiarize them with the software applications and provide an enlightening customer experience.

Our Passion

To provide training and mentoring opportunities to employees at various organizational levels. Each employee deserves to love the software applications they work with, share knowledge, and create an inclusive learning culture.

We saw the problem and with our boots on the ground will help with solving the problem.

Our founder and President, Ms. Sherrie Reece, spent many years as an Instructional Systems Designer and has vast experience in User Training and Workforce Education. Throughout her career, Sherrie saw a need to communicate the concerns of the users to the project manager and the development team, ensuring a feasible, user-friendly, and viable solution. It is the core of the creation of The Learners Cube to satisfy this need, build sustainable relationships, and elevate user experience.

We travel to deliver and enlighten the user experience.

In addition to our User Research and User Acceptance Testing services, we travel domestically to design, develop, and facilitate user training. Our learning experience designers specialize in designing and delivering train-the-trainer sessions, remote training, user onboarding, and customized learning solutions.

Our core belief is to give back to the children of our community

With the enactment of the No Child Left Behind Act, we became advocates and searched for meaningful ways to give to our children’s future. In 2022, we started our pledge to sponsor a classroom from the list of elementary schools in Prince William County (PWC). As we approach the new school year, we ask that you join us in sponsoring a classroom from the list of PWC schools.

Please work directly with the school you are interested in but let us know so we can give you a shout-out! This act is optional as we are not solicitors nor advertisers, nor do we collect monies for PWC schools. It is merely an act of kindness that ensures no child is left behind to attend and graduate school.

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