End User Training

Digital Transformation and the New Normal.
Will your Users Adopt?

Increase user adoption rates and disruption proof your business. Train users to be adept and resilient for change.

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of users lose unapplied knowledge in 6 days or less!

Use it or lose it, is what research indicates when new learning isn’t readily applied. This lag between go-live and everyday use may lead to lost revenue, damaged reputation, decreased performance, and lowered productivity.

Retention, skill adeptness, and performance rise with the frequency of retraining opportunities and accessibility of training resources. We return as-needed with end user adoption toolkits that retrain, reskill and upskill users for continuous improvement.

Adoption toolkits are accessible from any connected device and include:

  • Rapid Content Updates
  • Bite-Sized Training
  • On-Demand Learning
The Forgetting Curve
Source: Hermann Ebbinghaus