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Digital Transformation and the New Normal.
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Increase user adoption rates and disruption proof your business. Train users to be adept and resilient for change.

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  • End User Training
  • Project Lifecycle Support
  • Go-Live Training Support

End User Training

When new technologies are deployed, companies enter transitional phases that reduce productivity and increase anxiety. As the project leader, you have got many questions:

  • How will training affect our workload?
  • Do we have the investment and buy-in to effectively train our users?
  • What will training look like?
  • What will be the skills or competency gaps?
  • Who will deliver training?

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    End User Training Delivery at The Learners Cube is multimodal
    As experts across many industries and invested in end user fulfillment, we slough off learning burdens that hurt your strategy.

    By intimately understanding your applications and processes, we close competency gaps, create resources, and deliver user-based training for all learning styles. We are more than just teachers, becoming your onboarding specialists, training coaches, and human mentors who empower confidence, adeptness, and suppleness in new roles.

    Our partnership offers lean and agile-based learning, creating a culture of accountability, growth mindsets, and resiliency. Training solutions are delivered on-location, virtual or hybrid formats.

    The Learners Cube will partner with you at every step, from Training Design and Development to Mentoring and Coaching.
    • End User Training Development
    • End User Training Delivery
    • Train-the-Trainer Sessions 
    • End User Onboarding 
    • End User Mentoring & Coaching

    Providing Lifecycle Support with Integrated Learning

    Developers need support to research business needs. A Forbes report further confirmed that  75% of system implementation projects fail because of poor planning and failure to grasp business needs. Developers are unable to coordinate execution strategies without training support.

    By starting with software rather than end users, businesses neglect soft skill development in favor of siloed implementation. Ignoring coaching for complementary skills stalls the implementation process, leading to derailed teams.

    Integrated Learning is integrated in our Lifecycle Support.
    Hiring us results in diversely skilled consultants who can fold their expertise into the user’s journey.

    Deep understanding of end users needs refocuses teams and positively powers higher returns on user adoption rates. Development teams, business analysts, and project leaders find added value in our diverse skill set:

    Our team of diversely skilled consultants will fold their expertise into your users' journey.
    • User Journey Mapping
    • User Stories Development & Requirements Gathering
    • Usability Research & Testing
    • Process & Business Documentation
    • User Acceptance Testing
    • Walkthrough & Step-by-Step Demos
    • Technical Support

    Training Beyond The Implementation Phase

    Go-live is one of the most critical aspects of adoption strategies. Users may require support as they integrate new tasks, and look for ways to optimize system use. Our joint partnership with decision-makers, project leaders and implementation teams leverages user mentorship to reinforce adoption and performance for the post-go-live phase.

    Our Training extends beyond the implementation phase in the form of Go-Live Training Support.
    As users approach the training curve, we constantly provide opportunities for learning by continually evaluating user performance and retention.
    We continually evaluate user performance to provide opportunities.
    • User Onboarding Mentorship
    • Agile Learning
    • Virtual, Hands-on & Hybrid Training
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    of users lose unapplied knowledge in 6 days or less!

    Use it or lose it, is what research indicates when new learning isn’t readily applied. This lag between go-live and everyday use may lead to lost revenue, damaged reputation, decreased performance, and lowered productivity.

    Retention, skill adeptness, and performance rise with the frequency of retraining opportunities and accessibility of training resources. We return as-needed with end user adoption toolkits that retrain, reskill and upskill users for continuous improvement.

    Adoption toolkits are accessible from any connected device and include:

    • Rapid Content Updates
    • Bite-Sized Training
    • On-Demand Learning
    The Forgetting Curve
    Lapsed Time Since Learning: None
    20 minutes
    1 hour
    9 hours
    1 day
    2 days
    6 days
    Source: Hermann Ebbinghaus

    Let's train, reskill and upskill users.